Paradise valley


08 December 2018

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Paradise valley

The Paradise Valley is a natural site a few kilometers from Agadir. Between the river and its waterfalls, and the mountains planted with trees, you will discover a place of exceptional greenery.

You will cross the flanks of hills speckled with argan trees contrasting with this sky tenderly blue. Once well Advanced, the landscape changes … Place to the green valley of palms and small oasis visible from afar. The valley of paradise is nearby, you only have to look up to admire small Berber villages clinging to white and pink rock faces, the ultimate indicator is this peaceful wadi that sleeps in the heart of a beautiful little rocky canyon.

If you take the time to stop to observe this untouched nature, to appreciate every little thing around you, the heart of the wadi that beats, the birds, the wind that blows sweet in the almond trees, this unique smell of the earth and this brightness so special in Morocco, then you will have captured most of the valley of paradise.